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"Education as we all know influences, motivates and impacts positively in all societies."

A quality basic education is something each and every child should have easy access to, irrespective of their family or community background.

SUPPORT BRAIN AIDE GHANA FOUNDATION (SBAGF) believes that education breaks the pattern of poverty and despair; it enables the individual to look forward to a prominent future.

The work of SBAGF is guided by the three 'i’s: Identify, Improve and Impact the less privileged children through education, one community

at a time.

About Founder

Ms. Promise Amey attended University of Fribourg in Switzerland. She worked with International Telecommunications Union, United Nations Organization and the World Intellectual property Organization all based in  Geneva, Switzerland.

Through numerous contact with children whilst on her humanitarian missions with the United Nations, she developed tremendous love for children and decided to study to be trained as a school teacher in the Montessori style of educating children.

Mrs. Promise Amey-Owusu also studied various management courses with CARE Courses Training School in Dallas, Texas to enable her lend a helping hand to children through basic education.

Mrs. Amey-Owusu having established  SBAGF to commemorate her 50th birthday, she endeavored to materialise her undaunted passion towards the support of the less privileged children in our deprived communities to help them in discovering and fostering the “genius” in them.

She also established Westfield Montessori School and Tweenies Preschool all in Accra.

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